About Us



Dean was a beloved American actor and cultural iconHe was the face of teenage disillusionment and social
estrangement in his most celebrated film, Rebel Without a Cause. Even after his untimely death,
he remained a top actor of cinema's
Golden Age and an icon of the ideal American man.

At James Dean Jewelry, we have designed a stylish and classically masculine brand
based on James himself. He exuded an all-American vibe, confident and bold,
with an aura of cool rebellion, which is the foundation for our collections.

There are pieces for whatever version of James you aspire to be. Striking pendants to
pair with your leather jacket.
Woven leather and steel bracelets for that effortless
t-shirt and jeans vibe. 
Refined rings for sophisticated suits and evening wear. 

James Dean Jewelry was created by men, for men. Our passion for our work
is at the core of everything we do, and you can be assured that each piece was
crafted with both pride and purpose. Based in Providence, Rhode Island,
our jewelry embodies the true spirit of America.